My name is Paula, I am married to Mark and with our blended family we have four beautiful children, Eli & Oliver, Seth & Hayley. We have had an amazing experience on 'Bringing Sexy Back' which aired on Channel 7. A quick thank you to everyone for their kind words of support for me and my beautiful family. xx

Since 2002 I have been creating Pregnant belly castings for expectant mothers, capturing their maternity belly. as well as Body Casts for body builders/shapers and anyone else looking for something different.

When I first started, it was something that was practically unheard of! I love what I do!  I enjoy meeting so many wonderful women and love having them share their pregnancy stories with me.

My pregnant belly casting DIY Kits were created because I was unable to offer a personalised service to women everywhere and I wanted any woman to have the opportunity to use this unique and memorable way to capture the mystery, magic and miracle of their pregnancy. It is a wonderfull baby keepsake and perfect for that baby shower gift.  My passion is still for creating the Belly casting mask for women as a personalised ‘one-on-one’ service.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and I wish you all the best on your journey into Motherhood!

I hope that your Pregnant Belly Casting experience is enjoyable and if I can help in any way, I encourage you to contact me.

For those in the local area looking for a Belly Masking DIY kit Brisbane or Belly Masking kit Gold Coast I am happy for you to pick one up personally from me and I can answer any of your questions face-to-face.

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