Prices start from $75

Please take time to read the note near the bottom, it will help you decided on which kit you should by from who. There have been a number of new casting people come and go over the past decade and I have been fixing masks up, buyer beware of imitations out there.

BELLY CASTING - Starting from $100 for the Belly Bowl, $150 for Belly and Breast, and for any additional body parts that you would like to add in just add $10 for each (i.e.: hand $10, shoulder $10).  This allows you the flexibility to create your own unique Belly Mask.

The mask will be finished in the natural texture

For a small additional price, work can be done to create a ‘rendered’ or smooth finish on your Belly Mask.

All prices included your Belly Mask being sealed and ready to hang. I can also mount it on any size canvas that you supply at no additional cost.

I now work with someone doing High Definition casting, the cost is alot more expensive, but available to those looking for this option.

BODY CASTING - With the recent show BRINGING SEXY BACK on channel 7 where I created my own body cast with Mark something like this is about $240. I am now do proud of the  mask as confronting as it was at the time, it really is amazing to stand behind and feel proud of loosing the weight.

HOUSE CALLS - To have a Belly Mask created in the privacy and comfort of your own home please allow an extra $50 for travel to most areas within 1hrs driving of the Gold Coast. I am happy to drive further, just ask or buy me an air ticket, more than happy to fly.

MATERNITY HOSPITAL CALLS - Yes, I can come to the hospital as a normal visitor and create a Belly Mask Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Area for you. Just ring, I am available 24hours/day, 7 days/week. I had a wonderful experince in a local hospital in the baby change room creating a belly mask, was fantastic and funny! Mum was very happy for me doing the last minute dash to the hospital, she got to have her belly cast done in the nick of time!

BABY SHOWER GIFTS OR ACTIVITY / BLESSING WAY - The ideas are endless!  You may decide to have your Belly Mask created before your Baby Shower / Blessing Way, either by myself or using the Serentiy Belly Masking DIY Kit and then have your family/friends decorate it at the Shower/Blessing Way.  Another idea is to have your family and friends sign the inside of your Belly Mask with messages to you and your baby – a beautiful way to really personalize your baby keepsake.

BELLY CASTING DECORATING SERVICE - Have you had a Belly Mask created and it still hasn’t been decorated?  I can decorate your Mask.  There are many ideas that I can offer you or you can tell/show me your ideas.

Price on average is $80.

BELLY CASTING FIXING SERVICE - Is your Belly Mask sitting in the bottom of the cupboard in a box not finished or it didn’t work out?  I CAN fix it!  So DON’T throw it out!  I have had a lot of experience in this area.  You can personally deliver your Belly Mask to me or you may choose to post it, taking care with how it is packed.

Cost on average is $80 - you may be surprised by what I can fix!

BELLY MASKING DIY KITS – After creating Belly Masks for many years I found there was a market for DIY kits. These kits allow you to have family and/or friends create your Belly Mask and they are also a great option for the budget conscious.

I have been resourcing plaster for years and am quite happy and proud to say I believe I have found the best!  It is imported from Overseas! and I use 15 -20cm plaster gauze! and keep a low price.

Price $85 including postage anywhere in Australia OR come pick one up from me for $75. This will cover you for a basic mask, if you are wanting to create a body cast you may require extra rolls and please let me know when purchasing.

Order our DIY kit online now!

My kits contain everything that you need to create your Belly Mask using ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS and a finishing product to seal and prepare your Belly Mask ready for decoration

With the amount of hands on experience I have had creating actual Belly Masks over the years, I know bellies and breasts come in all different shapes and sizes and I have paid particular attention to the amount of plaster I use.  I strongly believe that you do not require any more than what is included in your DIY Kit.  I have never had any problems with a client not having enough plaster,

 If you do want more plaster, extra rolls may be purchased at $10/roll.

Some other Kits on the market may come with more rolls of plaster but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are better. There are MANY different types of plaster and they all have different properties. Different types of plaster hold their shape differently and so therefore other DIY Kits may need to use more plaster to hold the same shape that the plaster in my DIY Kit holds with less. 

Keep in mind that the more plaster you use, the longer the Belly Masking process is, the  heavier the Mask will be and the  longer it will take to dry. Another reason why other Kits may include more rolls of plaster could be because the size of their rolls are smaller (e.g.: 8cm wide, whereas mine are 15 or 20cm wide)

Test it out, fold a piece of paper like a fan with little folds, then fold another just in half...the one with less folds is stronger :) so why use small strips of plaster!

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact me. 

PREGNANCY GIFT VOUCHERS are available for any amount and can be used for any of the above services.

GIFT SERVICE – You may like to send a DIY kit as a gift to an expectant Mother.  I will wrap the Kit and even include a card, which you can personalise with your own message if desired. 

If there are any other special requirements that you have, just advise me at the time of ordering.

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