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Serenity pregnant belly mask booking & decorating....
Hi Paula ! Thank you so much for the wonderful cast and decorating it! I am glad you did it for me instead of getting the belly masking kit, I totally enjoyed the hour of peace.

It now proudly hangs in the lounge room on the wall with all our framed photos with a pregnant belly poking out of the wall with photos all over it. It is a great talking piece for when family and friends are over, they always try and find their photo. Thanks so much and see you next time round for sure........Tracey.J


I just want to thank you for the beautiful belly mask you did for me yesterday. It was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to pick it up once it has been painted.

You made me feel so comfortable while I was having it done and I can't believe how fast the hour went by. I will definitely be coming back to get you to make me another cast next time I'm pregnant.

Again, thank you so much for your time yesterday and making the beautiful belly mask. ....Erin & Felipe


Serentiy Belly Mask 3rd time around....
Thank-you! Thank-you!  Thank-you! 
Each hour I spent with you while getting my belly casts done was a highlight of each of my 3 pregancies.  It was so relaxing & peaceful and I felt it was a true celebration of the female body in its pregnant form.
I was very hesitant to have my first cast done mainly because I didn't know what I would do with the finished product. I didn't know how comfortable I would feel having it hanging on our wall.  I decided to do the cast & worry about what to do with it later - & I'm glad I did!
I decided to decorate it with photos for each child's 1st birthday, showing their first year of life on "their belly". They all proudly hang on their bedroom walls & the kids LOVE them! 

I am now having our 4th bub & will be visiting you soon for my (possibly) last belly cast. :( 
Thank-you for your professionalism & the caring,calming & down-to-earth way you approached me while doing my casts.I just LOVED my experiences & LOVE my belly casts!....Deb

A bilateral mastectomy is not usually something to celebrate....

- but my way of saying goodbye to breast cancer and farewell to the set I've had since birth was to contact Paula from Serenity Body Casting.
Not only was she incredibly obliging with timing (we crammed the casting in on the day of surgery!), but also caring enough to allow me to have family with me as I assigned my breasts to history.
While I dropped ridiculous boob jokes, we shared some laughs as Paula diligently went about her craft.
I sincerely thank her for the experience, her sensitivity and for allowing me to have a lasting memory of what my 31 year old body looked like.....K

Serenity belly cast DIY kit......
Paula, your DIY kit was great, my husband did my belly cast and with no problems or fights! We had a great time doing it and took heaps of photos and will be bringing it back to you to decorate it.....also can I pick up some of that vegelatum stuff you use in the DIY kit my skin luurved it.....Sharon

Your plaster rocks!!!

The best Pregnancy DIY kit!!!..I have used a few other ones as 4th pregnancy now!!! Your plaster rocks!!!

I really looked around this time as I got some other well know kit off the web twice and their plaster just doesn’t hold and they have way to much in there, suppose that’s why they had more plaster anyway I felt like I had an elephant sitting on me.. yours is so light and fast!!! other mums don’t bother looking around to much just use the Serenity DIY belly casting kit!!! and that other mum who wants the vegelatum... can I have some too!!! I have just run out and its amazing on the belly!!!...Steph

a birthday gift for my wonderful lady....

Getting the belly mask done was the best thing I have done for my partner in a while I think.  I organised it with Paula as a birthday gift for my wonderful lady two weeks ago.
Luckily, I *JUST* made it with timing as she started pre-labour that afternoon and had bubs on the 21/03/09.
I got nothing but professional service from Paula, the masking was done brilliantly and I would most definitely recommend anyone to come and get it done by her......Matt :)

high and mighty! thank you

Paula, I just wanted to say thank you so much for working in with me, for all who is reading this I really struggled with the idea of my boobs being apart of the mask, you know years go by and boobs go down!. WELL, let me tell you! I love my belly mask and can't thank Paula enough for getting my boobs onto the mask (she did say we could cut them off afterwards if I didnt like them on the mask that is!) Honestly she worked wonders, I can't beleive the end result, they were not sitting on my tummy!! like I thought they would be, they stood high and mighty simply by Paula's suggestion of a relaxing positon. Anyone out there not doing it for this reason, jsut trust in her and you will love it....Tony


I got a belly maksing kit in Brisbane for my wife thinking her babyshower friends would do it for her, well I ended up doing it myself before the baby shower so all her friends could sign the inside, you were right they are 'daddy proof' no fixing required Paula! we did it..well I did it...Jeff

A diaster!

Well for some silly reason I decided to get a cheap belly mask kit of the net for under $30! great idea at the time, thought saving heaps!! well nothing can put a price on your pregnant belly that isnt there anymore and you only have a pile of semi hard plaster that can look like a pregnant belly when held up pushed out and stuffed with a pillow...I now have a full belly mask hanging on my wall decorated and all, thanks to Paula fixing my mess, thanks Paula..see you soon yes pregnant with #2!..Lisa

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