Moments in time sculptured into memories.




With over 20 years experience I ask that you allow an hour with me to create your cast with my personal casting service, where you can come alone & take time to relax while I create your cast or you may even choose to bring a friend with you and have them involved or simply watch.

In my Gallery pages all photos shown are casts created by myself or from Serenity DIY Kits. Giving everyone their own special keepsakes of their moment in time. These are a lightweight cost effective cast. High definition casts are available also on request.



Belly Masking can be dated back to the ancient times where they were used in some cultures for dancing and ceremonies, these days thousands of women around the world are now making Belly Masks to celebrate their pregnancy and the gift of life.

As your baby sculpts your body, I will capture your beautiful form and preserve the miracle of your pregnancy. Creating a lasting baby belly cast.

This most unique three-dimensional cast of your belly, during pregnancy, is something to cherish forever. The mask can be decorated, themed and displayed in your babies room or anywhere in your home. It is perfect for a baby shower gift also.

A meaningful way to capture the Mystery, Magic & Miracle of Pregnancy.

BODY Casting

I am here to create a cast for everyone for whatever reason you are wanting to have one done. Some ideas…
Breast Cancer casts are a big part of my work, creating a safe space for you to celebrate your breasts and capture these before mastectomy surgery is important in creating something tangible. There are several options available before/during/after each capturing that unique journey you are experiencing. I want to empower you in your moment of uncertainty.
Weight Loss cast capture the size you are now and you can even put in on you at the end of your journey. Stand beside yourself with something more inspiring than just a photo, have it on display for motivation. I know first hand how this helped.
Dress Making cast allows you to create your clothing from your own life like mannequin. Comic-Con, Cosplay seem to have a good use for these casts. They are a light weight cost effective mostly accurate way to help create that inspirational piece.
Reconstructive cast capture that moment before and/or after surgery.
Just Because cast allows you to capture your moment in time and celebrate your body for what and who you are. You may have a special someone in your life that loves a part of your body immortalize it and gift it to them for that extra special gift.

Have yourself turned into a work of fine art, better than a photo and more realistic than a sculpture!

If you have used one of my DIY Casting Kits or had a mask created by myself I encourage you to email me a photo of your finished product and I will gladly add it to the Gallery.



Belly Casting

Belly bowl, belly&breast or add any body part for your own unique belly mask


House Calls

Created in the comfort and privacy of your own home.



Having decorated hundreds, refresh your existing cast or have yours decorated


Body Casting

Capture a moment in time and cast any part of your body to be remembered/celebrated


Hostpital Calls

Already in the hospital? My services are completely mobile


Cast Repairs

Broken or damaged? Don’t throw your cast away – I am an expert as saving these moments in time

How it works

This quicky and easy process is fun and takes around an hour plus clean up. I welcome your friends, loved ones to join us and remember the occasion or even add their hands into the cast as well!
Come have your cast created in my studio on the Gold Coast or I can come to you at a small additional cost.
Pregnancy casts the last 6 weeks is the best time to have one created.

About Paula

Congratulations on your pregnancy and I wish you all the best on your journey into Motherhood!

I hope that your Pregnant Belly Casting experience is enjoyable and if I can help in any way, I encourage you to contact me.

For those in the local area looking for a Belly Masking DIY kit Brisbane or Belly Masking kit Gold Coast I am happy for you to pick one up personally from me and I can answer any of your questions face-to-face.

My name is Paula, I am married to Mark and with our blended family we have four beautiful children, Eli & Oliver, Seth & Hayley. 

Since 2002 I have been creating Pregnant belly castings for expectant mothers, capturing their maternity belly. As well as Body Casts for body builders & shapers/Breast Cancer and anyone else looking for something different.

When I first started, now decades ago! it was something that was practically unheard of! I love what I do!  I enjoy meeting so many wonderful women and love having them share their pregnancy stories with me. So many other woman are inspiring with sharing their personal cancer journey with me. The men are always a great laugh capturing that moment in thier lives for themselves or their partners.

My casting DIY Kits were created because I was unable to offer a personalised service to everyone everywhere and I wanted anyone to have the opportunity to use this unique and memorable way to capture the mystery, magic and miracle of their pregnancy or that moment in time they wanted to capture. It is a wonderfull baby keepsake and perfect for that baby shower gift.  My passion is still for creating the Belly casting mask for women as a personalised ‘one-on-one’ service.

In 2014 have had an amazing experience on ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ which aired on Channel 7. Where you got to see me create a body cast of myself on a weight loss journey! A quick thank you to everyone for their kind words of support for me and my beautiful family. xx